Public Health Permit for EEUU 1846, Certificate N° 1412.

Public Health Permit for Pichincha 875, Certificate N° 1661.

Annual Certificate of inscription before the Health Ministry , Resolution N° 1644/08.

Enrollment in the Registry of pharmaceutical companies for inter-province traffic, Certificate N° 296.

Enrollment in the INAME Registry as fractionator, importer and exporter of active raw material for use in the manufacturing of medical products, including psychotropics and stupefacient, Regulation N° 3.157/05.

Registered and licensed company for the importation of medical products according to Regulation N° 3585/10.

Registration certificate of the company regarding controlled substances.

Certificate of approval issued by SENASA for the company to distribute, import and deposit pure drugs and drugs for technical use such as raw materials for products used in veterinary medicine, according to certificate N° 8.258/DRO.

Certificate of enrollment provided by Ministry of Health as importer and exporter of food products, Regulation N° 1087.

Certificate of enrollment provided by ANMAT e I.N.A.L. as importer and exporter of household products, Regulation N° 2287.

RNPA 0830004

RNPA 0830002

RNPA 0830001

RNPA 0830003

RNPUD 0810003

RNPUD 0810004

Member of the Argentina Association of Industrial Pharmacy and Biochemistry.
Dirección: EEUU 1846, Capital Federal / Tel.: 011 4306 0800 /Fax.:011 4306 1010